Vehicle Tracking



Vehicle tracking is a broad brush statement covering vehicle management, staff driving behaviour, asset activity, fleet optimisation and so on.  This is the core of what Vuga tracking offers in the software platform, but more importantly in the device capability space for those integrators driving data to their own platforms via the OEM device management platform, arguably the mastery behind the whole Vuga tracking offerings.


Our vehicle tracking is about offering SME to mid-tier organisations the ability to easily access secure info about their fleet, drivers, and activities in a user-friendly environment.   Asset usage optimisation is the buzz word these days in driving down costs, and improving bottom-lines, particularly in labour-intensive industries.   The Vuga Tracking software is intuitive, easy to navigate and non-clunky unlike many of the other platforms out there.


Vuga’s advanced designs in the powered devices allow the user to see granular turn-by-turn reporting, with incredibly accurate reporting on driver behaviour events for example.   The industry is littered with devices that provide inferior data, so no matter how good the platform is, the outcome is flawed and a recipe for unhappy clients with endless support calls and ultimately non-payment of bills.

Even our battery powered devices have frequent logging capability while maintaining exceptionally long battery life to the extent that clients use their Remoras for service and maintenance scheduling.

At Vuga we do not compromise on the quality of components, preferring to use top tier component manufacturers such as Telit, Ublox, Antenova, etc… This ensures accurate data and the ability to out- perform competing products.


Some of our popular and easy-to-use key features in Vuga Telematics software are:

  • Alerts
  • Geofencing
  • Department filters
  • One touch Movement Alerts
  • Recovery Mode
  • User management
  • Fleet Management reports

Our devices have the ability to record, report and act on IO’s (Input/Outputs), such as SOS Duress, Driver ID, PTO activity, etc…

Being able to set up a user-friendly Organisation with multipe users and permission levels has been a key success factor for Vuga Telematics App.   When your client has a staff member that should only have limited access to reports, or limited assets in their profile, or simply the ability to view things but not administer them, Vuga Telematics App seamlessly provides for that where many other platforms have tripped up over themselves.